Thursday, May 14, 2009

This was Wednesday

Mom and Dad and Sister--

I jumped way higher than that.

A little girl was so funny.
She made a huge mess.

I touched a ladybug, Mom and Dad.
I figured out how.
Now I'm not scared.

I builted a huge tower.
But Brandon messed it up.

I was walking on the street going to do some fun things.
And I painted in there.

Find us a good house, Mommy and Daddy!
I'm tired from you finding a house.
Remember to come back on Saturday.
In the morning.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

For Mom and Dad and sister

Here's what we did yesterday:

I saw a turtle with the ducks.

I'm Spider-Man!

I could jump higher!

There's a tiger behind me!

I am a turtle with two heads.

I'm petting a horsey and he's never eating our food.

I'm watering milk cow.

I'm petting a goat cause they're nice.

A wallaby ran away because people were
supposed to go one at a time.

OK, this is creepy. I don't know how to do this.

I'm a frog.
I'm hopping on it.

I'm getting eaten by a crocodile!

It jumped up and the other one that's small,
after that one went down, the other went up.
And a big one.

That one's the biggest snake I've ever seen!
I hate snakes! Just like Indiana Jones.

I petted a bunny cause I get to.

Triceratops. We are sitting on it cause it is a bones.
On the bench where it's at.

This one roared cause I touched it.

That was huge cause I built it.
It was a teammate.

We are helping animals.

I'm copying that.
It's like sssssssss.

I'm crawling. It's creepy lobsters.

These two headed turtles are creepy and weird.

I am a shark. I like eating people.
Cause I like sharks. Cause they're so creepy.
And I'm Carson Shark.

There's a green snake in there, mommy.
I am a slithering snake, Mom and Dad and Sister.

There's a crocodile, Mommy.
There's a crocodile here!
Cause it's so eatable!

This turtle is a little big medium.

This is for my mom and dad.
I went to the zoo and saw big, huge ones.
This is a letter for you, mom and dad and sister.
Love you. Miss you.